Thea Kirana

I'm Thea Kirana and you can call me Thea.  I’m in early 2* yo but still feeling like seventeen hehehe. College student of two university in Jakarta. Live in Bekasi. I love all about Japan and Korean that's why I studied Japanese Literature. I'm still beginners mountain climber. Actually I’m Omnivora but since childhood i just can’t be friends with vegetables they’re just too ‘cute’ too eat. Can I called Carnivore? 


Welcome to my blog. All of article written by personal. Love to provide you with my life's journey and share my beauty skincare. This blog is a place where i want to share all the things i love with love. Did you curious why this blog is name Double Takoyaki? The reason is simple because when I eat Takoyaki, one is not enough for me. I need double. I really love Takoyaki and I wanted to name this blog with things I love.