Thea Kirana

I'm Thea Kirana and you can call me Thea.  I’m in early 22 yo but still feeling like seventeen hehehe. College student of two university in Jakarta. Live in Bekasi. I love all about Japan and Korean that's why I studied Japanese Literature. I'm still beginners mountain climber. Actually I’m Omnivora but since childhood i just can’t be friends with vegetables they’re just too ‘cute’ too eat. Can I called Carnivore? 


Welcome to my blog. All of article written by personal. Love to provide you with my life's journey and share my beauty skincare. This blog is a place where i want to share all the things i love with love. Did you courius why this blog is name Double Takoyaki? The reason is simple because when I eat Takoyaki, one is not enough for me. I need double. I really love Takoyaki and I wanted to name this blog with things I love.