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Thursday, February 07, 2013

This’s continuation from my prev posting ^___^ You know? When opening a channel youtube of  Standing Egg my eyes turned to one of their videos. Ah Im in fallin love with Clover just five minutes xD Who's agree with me? Unfortunately little information about Clover on the internet. 

Standing Egg - Kiss 

Currently Clover (this is his name stage when with Standing Egg) aka Ryu Seokwon has his own group the name is R & J under management GEM Culture. R & J members is Ryu Seokwon and Jo EunHee. Their debut song is CrushOn You (왠지좋아) 

As far as I know… Ryu Seokwon as a solo singer now. Im little disappointed when know he left Standing Egg, uhm but im always love and support him no matter what and i still love Standing Egg~~~~ 
This one of my fav song ^___^

Ryu Seokwon Profile
Ryu seokwon (류석원)
출생 : 1988.03.23  
2010년 싱글 앨범 [어느 파도]
왠지 좋아 - R&J (digital single)
2010년 ‘스탠딩 에그’ 객원보컬 (클로버)
2012년 R&J project
2012년 류석원의 젬있는 티브이 @ryuseokwonTV
가슴 아픈 말 (With Clover) (Gray Ver.)
FLY (경기국제항공전 테마송)(With Clover)
어느 파도 [어느 파도]
 붉은 달 (feat.소히)  [어느 파도]
왠지 좋아 - R&J
Ryu Seokwon TV Live Streaming Schedule

류석원의 젬있는 티브이
live broadcast (생방송): every monday 매주 월요일 19:00
repeat broadcast (재방송):every thursday 매주 목요일 14:00

cafe or busking performance
filmed Tv broadcast(녹화방송):every friday 매주 금요일 15:00 

Find Him Here

hope it'll helped you guys... see you on my next posting

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  1. Hasn't he came back to performance with them yet? I fell in love with him as soon as I became a fan of Standing Egg. Anyway I really love them ^^


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