[K-Indie] Standing Egg

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I got interested with K-Indie, but I still love Kpop hehe... K-Indie Bands that most first I know and I love is Standing Egg. Not too much who knew about Standing Egg. I was a bit difficult to find their articles. In their official website does a lot of information but using hangul and I don't understand at all  -____-
Clover - Gray - Han Kyul - Hana
This is article about a Standing Egg from Allkpop
“It’s always exciting when you coincidentally come across the remarkably raw talents of unheard artists and you feel that strong urge to expose their name and music to everyone you know. That’s why we’re here to introduce to you a rookie band by the name of Standing Egg – a band you are destined to fall in love with by the end of this editorial. From folk to reggae, punk to pop, even jazz with hints of bossa nova, there is nothing that this trio cannot manage to pull off with their signature style of sophistication. Simply put, their music is an oasis for the ears of music lovers who can’t quite seem to quench their musical thirst with anything else. Standing Egg is made up of three members – two composers and one writer, named Egg 1, Egg 2 (also in charge of vocals), and Egg 3, who personally write, compose, and produce all of their music, emphasizing the importance of individuality, thought, concept, and philosophy. Using these four concepts, this rookie group has already managed to design a perfect formula that is used as a basis for the fresh, innovative tunes that you so often hear in their songs. The group frequently uses three musicians, Clover (Vocal, guitar), Han Kyul (Double bass), and Hana (Djembe), as part of their ‘live session’ team who help perform their songs in concerts and performances.”

Standing Egg 님의 채널

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