Bukan Tanggal Cantik, Tapi Spesial

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mungkin buat sebagian orang Indonesia mengangap tanggal 26 Desember itu adalah hari 'sial'. Tapi buat gw hari ini adalah hari spesial. Spesial banget tapi gapake telor. Hari ini bukan hari ulang tahun gw, bukan juga hari dimana gw dapet makan gratisan dari temen kampus. Two special event today.

First : Mom and Daddy's wedding anniversary!

"Mom..Dad.. happy wedding anniversary. Im proud to be your daughter. Proud to have parents who are always workhard for their 3 daughters to be successful person. Mom..Dad.. Thankyou for everything. 너를 사랑 하다♥"

Second : TVXQ's 9th Anniversary!

"Oppars thankyou for 9 years you become my mood booster. When you released new album or single, Cassiopeia will be together to make World Wide Trending Topic on twitter. Tryin to memorize every lyrics althought im not understand what it means. Tryin to memorize the fanchant although I haven't ever watched live concert you guys. Tryin to learn the Korean language to understand what you guys are talkin about. When holiday arrive i always taking time for fangirling to know your activity today, although mom will be mad with me bc I just spent time in front of a laptop, but when i do that im feel so happy, i lost my fatigue. Yaaa DBSK is jeongmal my mood booster for ever. In my heart DBSK will remain DBSK with 5 members. I'll faithfully wait for you guys. 

I feel im the luckiest person in the world. When my parents gave an wedding vows, at that time God sends 5 angels for me. Maybe for some people this is excessive. Im proud to be Cassiopeia. W isnt just a letter but has a thousand meanings. God thank you for everything.

For them and for me, Dong Bang Shin Ki still five. Until the rays of Cassiopeia were Dim, during which I'll believe.


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  1. jadi ini yang spesial :)))), happy anniversary buat oom dan tante :)))


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